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Do Adegen products really work?

From our founder:   "I wouldn’t have invested close to a million dollars of my own money and use the exact same formulas and products every day if I didn't believe exceedingly, YES. I heard a great quote from Warren Buffet on success. He said, “Never

What is Adegen?

Adegen, pronounced /ad•ah•gin/, is an abstract name inspired by the anagen phase (growth phase) of the hair cycle. Adegen's root etymology come together to mean ‘adding—growth’. Our team consists of over 50+ of the most brilliant minds in medicine, r

What makes Adegen different?

This is probably one of the most important questions you can ask. Unfortunately, you cannot believe everything you hear. Especially in the hair loss industry. There are so many products that make big promises and fail to deliver results. So I think i

Are Adegen products safe?

There are many products marketed as “natural” or “home-made” remedies implying that anything scientifically formulated is bad. But what you need to understand is that literally everything on earth is a combination of molecules from the periodic table